A Pro-Active Approach to Parenting in Family Law Cases- Roisin O Shea July 19th, 2011

“On the face of it there appears to be a bias against men, however, a qualitative analysis of my observations indicates that this percieved bias is in fact a result of societal norms and social factors around the traditional family unit in Ireland.”

“I continually see children’s rights being undermined by custodial parents, who frequently unilaterally cease access.”
“Why is it that in 99% of the cases before the Circuit court, women are the primary carers of the child or children, when in reality most fathers are 50:50 parents before the breakdown..”
“All players in family law cases seem to presume that young children are better off with the mother as the primary carer, that presumption leads to actions by the fathers that fundamentally changes the dynamic of parenting, and leads to an outcome in court that reflects the current circumstances of the parties”.
“How can fathers pro-actively approach parenting in family law cases?
1. If possible do not move out of the family home, when the marriage/relationship breaks down.”
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