Talking to the range of men who have come in to groups and given enormous help, support, at huge personal cost to themselves in time and energy, their greatest frustration is that after a few years at the coal face, the same questions emerge again and again.

Even worse is the realisation that for the dad who is facing being wiped out of his children’s lives theses questions are all new, and fathers are incredbly ill-informed about where they stand. For those who have been around for a while, many of us are driven by the ever-present memories of the life-threatening stress of separation, access, court, maintenance etc and we want to pass the legacy of any knowledge which can help fathers maintain, develop and enhance their lives and relationships with their children.


We are not solictors nor do we pretend to be. On the other hand if solicitors already acted professionally, proficiently and at a fair price and if the statutory services provided information and support to fathers as they do to mothers then you probably wouldn’t need to be reading this right now.
So, read through the questions and listen to the responses. The questions and suggestions may answer your needs or help clarify your own questions. If you have a question email us at dundalk@parentalequality.ie

If you would like to contribute your knowledge, then contact us. Make sure to check your facts. Supply documents, references etc that stack up.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Rape

Birth Certificates

Bunreacht na hEireann- the Irish Constitution

Child Abduction

Courts and associated info

Crisis Pregnancies

Custody and Access


Dealing with Solicitors and Barristers

Domestic Violence


Family Law

Freedom of Information



In Camera Rule in Family Courts

Lone Parents

Maintenance issues


Parental Alienation Syndrome PAS


Paternity DNA issues

Recordings, use for evidence

Social Welfare Issues

Social Workers

Unmarried Fathers