List of Peace Commissioners and their contact details

Click HERE! for info the role and appointment of Peace Commissioners in Ireland.

Contacting a Peace Commissioner

The Roll of Peace Commissioners maintained by The Department of Justice and Law Reform is appointment based, and it is not automatically updated to take account of changes of address, incapacity, retirement or death which occur subsequent to appointment. In the circumstances, the Roll does not always reflect the actual position on the ground. For that reason, if you need the services of a peace commissioner, you should contact your local Garda station. The Gardaí use the services of peace commissioners in the course of their duties and should be in a position to supply the name and address of one who is both resident and active in the your locality. However, the Department will usually provide the name and address of peace commissioners to members of the public, on request.


Correspondence seeking to access contact list and details of Peace Commissioners in Ireland.


Liam O Gogain<>
“Ian A. Murphy” <>
paul <>
24 June 2010 16:03
Re: Peace Commissioners for Louth Details Request
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Dear Ian,
Thanks for supplying the list of peace commissioners for County Louth.Can you confirm if you have phone contact details for the commissioners and their emails. These would be very useful to couples seeking to have their SI5 documents witnessed. I have posted the details HERE and it will help in filling the infiormation deficit that exists for unmarried parents and thier families.

It would be great for us to be able to augment the information you have provided for County Louth with similar details for all counties in Ireland. I presume that you have these details as for County Louth. Perhaps you would forward it to me, so I can share it on our website at

Liam Ó Gógáin


from Ian A. Murphy<>
date 24 June 2010 12:05
subject Peace Commissioners for Louth
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Dear Mr Ó Gógáin,

As per your request dated 10th of May 2010, please find attached the list
of active Peace Commissioners for Co. Louth. Please note that our records
are appointment based and they do not always reflect the actual situation
on the ground because we are reliant on Peace Commissioners themselves and
other interested parties to advise of changes which may occur since

Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.


Ian Murphy,
Peace Commissioners Unit.

Email to
10th May 2010
Dear Dermot,
As a result of the recent decision in the High Court (Read High Court
Judgment J. McB. v L.E. HERE!), I’m sure you’ll appreciate that this
further exposition of the continuous discrimination against unmarried
fathers as compared to unmarried mothers.
Probably the most frequently raised issue by callers to Parental Equality
is that which exposes the complete ignorance by both unmarried fathers,
unmarried mother’s and grandparents on both sides as to the definition and
implication of guardianship. Fathers consistently believe that just because
they know their children are biologically theirs and even when their name
is on the birth certificate that this gives them some legal standing with
their children, which you will know (both as a solicitor and Minister for
Justice) is untrue.

The introduction of the possibility of establishing of an unmarried father
as a guardian by the signing (by agreement) of SI5 was heralded as a
mechanism to both reduce unnecessary legal costs and to remove the “fear
barrier” of having to go to court for couples, understandably leading to a
reduced level of interpersonal tension between the parents, which must by
definition be in the child’s best interest. Having introduced this
modification to the legislation it seems reasonable to suggest that you as
Minister for Justice and your department would further try to support
couples in facilitating them in becoming aware of the existence of the S I5
form, in making it easily downloadable, and supporting them to ease the
filling of the form etc.

As part of the social benefit contribution of the work of Parental Equality
we have recently posted online at YouTube video (click here) aimed at
easing the task for parents to fill in the S I5 form. I would appreciate
your feedback on both the usability of this video and how you might feel as
part of the larger public service transformation agenda which has been
called for by your party in government, you personally could lead the
provision of this user-friendly information by both your department and the
Courts Service in assisting ordinary members of the public to both
understand and participate effectively in the legal process at the broadest

I note that in meeting on behalf of Parental Equality with the Court
service a few years ago I made the explicit suggestion that if the Court
Service are serious about mediating the information about the Court
services in Ireland in a user-friendly way that they would proactively
engage with the new web communication technologies such as YouTube which
are now ubiquitous. A complete failure by the Court service take these
ideas on board appears to be indicative of a desire to remain in a costly
exclusive elitist antediluvian model, treating Court users is a subclass.

I note that you personally are quite comfortable with utilising YouTube
technologies as evidenced by your recent display of your sublime soccer
skills on you Tube (click here) on your own website. I would suggest for
example that short user-friendly videos of simulated court situations would
greatly help to reduce the anxiety of those overwhelming proportion of the
civilian population who have had no experience of chords and often in
family Law situations situations, where they are already stressed out, the
lack of familiarity with the courts process undue pressure and often serves
only to increase the interpersonal tension between a couple.

We have already received very positive feedback from users of the video,
testimony suggesting that it makes the process of form filling much less
threatening. However one of the queries that has emerged has been the
question of where one can find a list of peace commissioners. I note that
you were asked the question as Minister for Justice in Equality this and
Law reform on 31 March 2010 in the Dail by Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin to provide
such a listing. You stated in your response that there are in excess of
6000 appointed peace commissioners currently active in the state. You will
appreciate that parental equality exists virtually on negligible funding
and compare it to you or your department has little resources to establish
the details of these people. Given our contribution is that providing the
video in the first place I feel it is not unreasonable to request that you
arrange for your department to publish the names and contact details of all
of the peace commissioners and the department website and send me the web
link that they may include us for information both on our website and
embedded in an updated version of the guardianship form video.

I have posted this communication with you on our website at “DermotAhern”
and I will be happy to post your apply in the same location. I trust that
you will act on this reasonable request without delay as an indication of
your commitment to the transformation process within the public service and
an example of your innovative leadership in the Ministry for Justice.
Yours sincerely,
Liam Ó Gógáin
Chairman Parental Equality

PS: On the direct issue of you being my local representative, could I
suggest that it should be possible immediately to supply the names and
contact details of peace commissioners in your own representational area of
Co Louth.

Louth Peace Commissioners