All I want for Christmas is me Daddy.

The house feels so empty now, just my mum and me

Last year dad was here and put up the Christmas tree

My mum keeps on telling me he’s no good anymore

I remember every Christmas back to the age of four


Me dad was always there then the spirit was sincere

It just feels so different now without my dad being here

I know my mum is trying her best she’s doing all she can

But Christmas without my dad I don’t understand


I still feel quite excited my letter’s gone to the North Pole

Christmas tree and decorations lifting up my Soul

I remember all his jockey backs and swinging me around

He’d always come and pick me up whenever I’d feel down


I just need my dad again I miss him very much

I love the things he used to do but now we’re out of touch

Even when he knocked the door with a parcel in his hand

Why mum called the Guards I couldn’t understand


He never came back since I think he’s gone for good

I asked my mum to call him she said she never would

Well tomorrow’s Christmas day I have to go to sleep

Please baby Jesus let dad come home for keep


Santa brought me loads of toys, the cupboards filled to the brim

I was eating sweets and playing with toys when my dad walked in

Mum let a scream and I ran to give him a hug

She told him to get out, he said “Now hold on love”


I’ve come to see my son, because you won’t let me see him

What your doing to him and me is just a mortal sin

Here son take these presents I really do love you

This special moment will help us make it through


By John Hayden 12 Dec 2007