Menstuff Nov 4th 2008

Admitting when we are wrong…. Saying sorry…. trying to make it right…. when the leaders of our society cannot bring themselves to admit errors and put their vulnerability at the mercy of the people…. are the people willing to accept such honesty… d we just want to be conned to avoid us dealing with the truth.! Are you, am I less of a man for being open about aour mistakes and for saying sorry?
Where does TRUST come in? Four men in black clothes and balaclavas break into an 86 year old man’s house, drag him around, lock him in a toilet and leave him there…. where he can’t even get heard when calling for help…. the consequences could have led to him starving and dying alone… his fear. his isolation… where is the trust?
The idea emerged on the show toask Dermot Ahern TD, Minister for Justice equality and Law Reform to  come into the program to discuss Menstuff and his vision around men, their health, well being, fathers and their rights for equality etc.  In fact on a phased basis we will invite all the local elected politicians onto their community radio to discuss Menstuff… Keep your  ears peeled
This and more and even a few jokes at the end. Listen below !