Recent Media discussion of fatherlessness aspect of UK Street Riots 11th August 2011

Kevin Myers: Feral rioters all have one thing in common — a lack of father figures


By Kevin Myers

Wednesday August 10 2011  Iriish Independent

The duty of journalists is to tell the truth. If we don’t do that, it’s the equivalent of a nurse comfortably chatting over a nice cup of tea while an empty saline drip feeds air into a patient’s artery. The moment that we think it’s more important to protect some comfortable ideological dogma is the moment when our particular patient, truth, begins to die. I take no pleasure in what follows; but there is a job to be done, so here goes.

Perhaps the most astounding element in the British television coverage of the riots over much of England has been the steadfast refusal to mention the race of most of the rioters. They are clearly, and overwhelmingly, Afro-Caribbean, the descendants of immigrants, though such has been the utter British failure to integrate so much of the immigrant population that many have retained something of a Caribbean accent. Admittedly, not all of the rioters are “black”: clearly, some white youths have joined in.

But where they have not got race is common, they probably have another feature that joins them: absent father-figures. An astonishing number of young males in London are the sons of single mothers. They have been raised without the presence of a male authority figure to impose familial order, and furthermore and most vitally, to promote the patriarchy.

Contrary to what the feminist mantra of recent decades has proposed, the patriarchy was not invented to oppress woman, but devised by Abraham to control men. Adolescent males, without an imposed order, are as feral as chimpanzees. This is why all societies have adopted rigorous means of imposing authority on teenage boys, and which always requires male authority-figures: either sergeant-majors or patriarchs or that unfashionable thing, “dads”.

But Britain, like Ireland, went down the insane path of encouraging single mothers to have children: indeed, both societies actually created additional incentives for unmarried women to reproduce. It is social lunacy, delinquency turned into state policy, to encourage women to bear a population of young males without fathers. Yet that is what our two islands have been doing in a weak-minded, abject capitulation to the feminist ideological dogma that men are really redundant in the family. Yet the statistics across the world show that the single mother is far more likely to raise a criminal, a thug or rapist, than the married mother. No fewer than 70pc of young offenders in Britain are from single-parent families. It is not mere “poverty” that produces the socially dysfunctional male, so much as father-free families.

Moreover, in all societies in the world where Afro-Caribbeans have settled, there is a problem with male teenage gang culture. That being the case — for whatever reason — it makes no sense whatever to “reward” single mothers of that background for having boys without a father-figure to control them. The facta are known: black children of single mothers are twice as likely to commit crime as black children with two parents. Nearly 60pc of London’s Afro-Caribbean mothers are single. If the allure of the male hierarchy in a gang on the street proves irresistible, then ahead awaits social disaster.

There is a third element. Immigration: not of the parents or grandparents of the young males currently dismantling London and other cities, but more recent immigration, much of it white, that prevents young natives, of any ethnic background, getting jobs. There are some 10,000 unemployed in Tottenham — though the moronic oxymoron term “jobseeker” is now the fashionable term to describe the unemployed. No doubt many want jobs — for every job vacancy in Tottenham there are 54 applications — but it is surely gilding the lily to describe every single dole-taker (whether he is in Britain or here) as someone really seeking employment. But that aside, in the past 10 years under the egregious and depraved policies of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, an already overcrowded Britain took in over two million immigrants. Where have the jobs gone? That’s where.

Six years ago, I wrote a column for ‘The Irish Times’ about the riots then erupting across immigrant areas in France and Britain. Michael D Higgins TD issued a statement in which he said: “The contents of his column today go beyond his usually crafted cowardice, staying one step on the safe side of prosecution for incitement to hatred or racism.”

“Usually crafted cowardice”, eh? Is cowardice really a characteristic of my journalism? And that’s before we even come to the delightful implication of racist intent. So, is it remotely surprising that we never had any proper discussion about immigration, if a future presidential candidate of this Republic could feel free to use such vile and actionable language about a critic of our immigration non-policies?

Immigration did not cause our collapse, but the refusal to create an immigration policy was an intellectual companion to our populist failure to control our banks. And no one can deny this unassailable truth: our unemployment figures have been made immeasurably worse by the large numbers of immigrants who poured unchecked into the Celtic Tiger economy. Finally, if you want to know what a combination of failed immigration and social policies can produce, why, just watch the TV news from London tonight.

– Kevin Myers

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Rights of law-abiding citizens are ignored


Thursday August 11 2011

Kevin Myers (Irish Independent, August 10) has a point when he mentions the failure of immigration and absent fathers in Britain that, like, in this country, have never been seriously debated. It is a fact that racial assimilation in many parts of Britain’s inner cities has been a complete failure and the promotion of single parenthood should be seen for the disaster it has become.

Yet race and an absent father form parts of the story of the riots in Britain, at the bottom of whose society is a stratum of young adults with no discipline, skills, education, values or aspirations. These thugs are what they are because nobody makes them aspire to be anything different or better and one of the main reasons for such delinquency is a complete lack of any sanctions to deter it.

The people of Ireland shouldn’t comfort themselves with a misguided notion that such things couldn’t happen here. Visit any city on a weekend where you will witness anti-social behaviour.

I could point to many causes of social breakdown but in the main the legal system in the UK and increasingly here in Ireland consistently asserts the primacy of the rights of the criminal and aggressor over those of law-abiding citizens, especially where a young offender is involved.

Wedded to this is the welfare system that promotes idleness, subtracts personal responsibility and removes any incentive for self- improvement.

The promotion of proper civic behaviour and decency at all levels of society allied to zero tolerance and stern punishment of those who transgress may go some way to improving any society that has taken personal liberty to an absolute.

Derek Ross
Blessington, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent


Bravo for courageous analysis of UK violence

Thursday August 11 2011

I wish to congratulate Kevin Myers for his outstanding article on the role of absent “father figures” in the London riots. As a result of this brave analysis, he will probably be subjected to a tirade of abuse from the politically correct brigade who shamefully dominate our national discourse. The collapse of stable families, based on marriage, in any country inevitably leads to a vast increase in juvenile delinquency.

Both in this country and in the UK, we have effectively created a welfare system that encourages unemployment, absent fathers and a lifetime of dependency on the state. Unfortunately, those who have the courage to point out these facts are swiftly labelled as “judgmental” or, worse yet, “fascist”.

Of one thing we can be certain: given the policies we have pursued in this country, it is only a matter of time before our own major cities fall victim to the same thuggery and violence we have seen in Britain.

Bravo, Kevin Myers.

kells, Co meath