Useful Web Sites

Social Welfare
See here for issues such as Lone Parents Payments, Liability of Fathers to pay Social Welfare Dept., Children’s Allowance (Payable to mothers), and Departmental non-recognition of Joint Custody

Citizens Information
Citizens Information is an Irish eGovernment website provided by the Citizens Information Board. The site provides public service information for Ireland.

Support Groups
Groups with similar interests to Parental Equality’s objectives

Groups for Personal support and development
These groups and services focus on the emotional, personal, spiritual, psychological, and theraputic aspects of relationship difficulties as separate form the “political” and legal harsh realities. It is critical to one’s survival and healing to address the personal development aspects in tandem with seeking the practical refliefs of Parental Equality

Statutory Bodies

Courts, Judgments, and legal
These are useful links for referencing judgments etc.

Social Services


Health Services