Shared Parenting Study from Oxford University is ‘Mischievous’ June 13,2011

“The Australian project of presumption of shared care has its issues and some of these are around the way in which presumption is interpreted by parents.  The picture painted in the Nuffield report however, states that presumption has lead to the upholding of father’s rights over children’s needs and mothers being unable to disclose violence and abuse.  This is disingenuous to say the least and to my mind, illuminates the agenda behind the research itself.  It is not the case that all fathers in Australia uphold their rights over their children’s needs.  Just as it is not the case that all mothers are pressurised into silence around issues of violence and abuse.  It may be true in some cases, it is not true in all and it is mischievous to assert that presumption has lead to this.”

See Youtube video here and Karen Woodall’s Blog here 

Both denounce the Nuffield Foundation report as “Mischevious”