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2. Applying to Court for Guardianship

Where a mother will not agree to you becoming a Guardian an application can be made to court to let a Judge rule on whether you should be made a Guardian. Prior to going down the court route you must ensure that there is defintely no agreement with the mother on the issue.The good news is that 93% of applications for guardianship are successful in court. (Ref: Courts Service Reports)
You can represent yourself in Court or use a Solicitor to represent you. If you choose the former be sure to be well briefed on court processís, formís and procedure. As already stated the vast majority of Single fathers who apply for Guardianship are granted it. Once as you have a proven track record of beneficial  involvement with your child, in terms of direct regular contact and child maintenance provided for, most Judges will grant it. The Court Application form for Guardianship is  here



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